Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is not the easiest of cleaning chores, although it may look like a pushover job, think about how long and how much effort it takes to clean a single window properly, on both sides. Now imagine how long it will take you to do the same for all windows of your house. Sometimes a single smudge or smear across the window is enough to cancel out the many hours of hard work you invested in those windows.

We recommend you saved yourself this tedious, time consuming chore and let us handle the window cleaning for you, professionally and efficiently. Our specially trained window cleaners are highly skilled and experienced, they will be able to clean any window, both inside and out, regardless of its size. Please be advised though that certain windows will not be subjected to cleaning as their height and location can pose a safety risk for our cleaners.

Window Cleaning ServicesOtherwise, the cleaners will go about their work with unrivalled pace and efficiency, just as expected by true professionals. Our cleaning crews will use highly efficient, professional grade cleaning materials and equipment in order to meet and exceed customer expectations and yield the best possible results within the shortest time possible. We guarantee our customers safe and efficient work practices that will not cause damage to windows, framing or glass. As we want to give customers more freedom of choice, flexibility as well as convenience, the window cleaning service is available as a standalone booking or in combination with another of our quality cleaning services for extra coverage and more value for money.

Efficiency is very important to us, but so is the health and safety of our customers and cleaners. This is why we don’t use any toxic materials or harsh chemicals during any of our window cleaning appointments. We have made the window service available to both residential and commercial customers as we want to make everyone a part of a better cleaning experience. If necessary, we will arrange for a prelim job viewing in order to provide you with the best service quote.