Patio Cleaning Services

Professional patio cleaning is another of our specialised pressure washing services. In most cases, the patio is exposed to the elements all year round and will eventually develop certain blemishes like mould, discolouration, staining and residue. It makes sense to care and clean the patio properly just like the rest of the house but conventional cleaning or washing will get you nowhere.

Patio Cleaning ServicesThe prospect of spending days on end in scrubbing and rubbing the patio with a brush and bucket is hardly the best and most efficient way to clean this valuable exterior home feature. Instead we can offer you our top quality, professional patio cleaning and give you high quality results without excess cost. Usually patios are made of different materials, the most common ones are brick and concrete, there are also other materials used for constructing patios such as stone slabs or cobblestones.

Each of them requires a specific approach in order to yield the best possible results within the shortest time possible. Our specially trained cleaners will be able to perform exceptionally on all types of patios, regardless of their size, material or state. Most of the time, the patio will display signs of exposure as the adverse weather of four seasons will take its toll. Blistering hot sunny days, ice and sub zero temperatures as well as rain and wind all have an effect on the patio and will cause it to look worn and dirty.

We can provide you with a professional grade patio cleaning service performed by specially trained cleaners trained in the safe and efficient use of pressure cleaning equipment simply known as jet wash. Jet washing will physicially remove all dirt, staining and residue from the patio, and will also remove any stubborn mould or funguses growing between the slabs. Pressure washing will also restore the original colour of the stones and bricks, minus the fading caused by sunlight, as this is something that cannot be reversed by professional cleaning. The pressure cleaning process we use is completely safe and will not damage the surface, integrity or layout of the patio.