One Off Cleaning Services

Our one off cleaning services range gives you the most value for your money. The one off cleaning is designed to cover an extensive range of customer cleaning requirements in the most efficient and affordable manner. Our one off cleaning is a highly comprehensive service suitable for any property and occasion. The service is quite flexible and customisable, it can be made to serve different purposes, and can cover the entire house from top to bottom or customer specified rooms and areas only.

One Off Cleaning ServicesAs mentioned, the one off cleaning is a highly versatile service, many people use the one off cleaning as an alternative to spring cleaning or post renovation cleaning. The one off also covers other specific cleaning requirements like after party cleaning or move out cleaning. The cleaning work is carried out by qualified, professional cleaners who will go about their work with unrivalled pace and efficiency just as expected by true pros. If you are planning to do one major house cleaning this year, by all means use our exceptional one off cleaning service and save yourself serious money and still receive the high quality results you were looking for.

The service is fully comprehensive and inclusive of all doors, floors, fixtures, cupboards, bench tops, appliances, drawers etc. The cleaners will focus their effort on heavy duty rooms and areas of the house like the kitchen or the toilet and the bathroom. Bathroom and toilet tile work will be descaled and polished to a sparkling finish. All sink basins, toilets and faucets will be sanitized and disinfected. If you have any specific cleaning requirements, we will do our best to accommodate those and make them a part of your cleaning session.

Our crews are trained in the use and application of highly efficient cleaning systems which use minimum water and resources, which is good for both our customers and the environment. All cleaning work is done without the use or application of any toxic or caustic chemicals which may pose a health risk to the property occupants. We work with natural formula cleaning products and materials.