Mattress Cleaning Services

If you want to keep your mattress smelling fresh and looking clean like the day you bought it, then don’t worry about conventional methods or washing the mattress as these will only waste your time and resources, without giving you the desired results. When new, a mattress if free of any bacteria, dust, pollen, bad smells, moisture, allergens and funguses. In time though, the mattress will begin to accumulate great deals of dust and bacteria which will eventually become a problem as some of these allergens and funguses can prove to be a health hazard for you and your family.

Mattress Cleaning ServicesBody odours are also a big problem, even a freshly cleaned bedroom can quickly develop that familiar stuffy smell if the mattress hasn’t been cleaned properly for a while. Many people would try to sun or air the mattress for a couple of days in hope of dealing with bacteria and bad smells, but sunning the mattress will only remove a small part of bacteria and spores clinging to the top of the mattress, and will do nothing to improve hygiene inside the mattress, which is where the most bacteria is found, because of the humid, warm environment there.

There is no point in cleaning or washing the mattress using conventional methods as it will take days to dry out properly, meanwhile those same funguses and bacteria will multiply and take over again. Save yourself the hassles of mattress cleaning and let us handle the task for you in the most professional and efficient manner. We guarantee to give you lasting hygiene and proper results every time.

Professional mattress cleaning should be performed at least once every six months in order to keep the mattress clean and healthy just as it should be. The mattress cleaning service we offer is carried out by specially trained professional cleaners who use their cleaning equipment safely and efficiently. The equipment is similar to the machines used for carpet cleaning as both cleaning procedures are rather similar. Usually, the mattress should be ready to use in a few hours after the cleaning session.