Ironing Services

Efficient housekeeping consists of many different chores, one of the main ones is ironing. Ironing though is also one of the most tedious and time consuming housekeeping tasks and most people would be more than happy to delegate this unpleasant and boring activity to someone else but still receive the expected good results. If you don’t do your own ironing for one reason or another, then we can help out with our professional ironing service and take care of this time consuming chore quickly, efficiently and with no risk of damage to your valuable garments and clothing.

The ironing service we can organise for you is very affordable and highly efficient. Customers will be sent a professional, highly skilled housemaid which will perform the necessary ironing tasks safely, properly and within the shortest time possible. Ironing of delicate fabrics and demanding clothing will be no problem, as our maids have sufficient prior experience and excellent practical skills. If required, the maids will sort, fold and hang the clothing as per customer requirements.

Ironing ServicesThis is a great convenience as every clothing item is washed, ironed and neatly folded or put away where it belongs. All ironing work will be carried out using customer provided equipment in order to receive the same consistent results just as expected by our customers. If necessary, we can also provide for ironing equipment but please consult with us upon making your service request. It is also possible to include other housekeeping chores as part of your ironing service but those have to be discussed in advance.

The ironing is available as standalone or in combination with another service for extra value for money and more coverage. Regular or fixed schedule ironing service is also available. The frequency and duration of the regular appointments is entirely up to you. We will do our best to send you the same maid every time for consistent results and shorter service times. Each maid is vetted and has passed all the necessary security and police background checks, and will present a valid company ID upon arrival to your property.