Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Hard floors are stylish, classy home features which show character and make the house much more appealing to the eye. Most of the time though hard floors are costly home investments which require professional cleaning attention and maintenance in order to keep them looking clean and good for as long as possible. Hard floors are found in both residential and commercial properties alike, this is why we would like to offer our professional grade hard floor cleaning service to both business and domestic customers and make sure all floors on site are cared for accordingly and cleaned to a professional standard finish.

Hard Floor Cleaning ServicesWe also specialise in professional cleaning of hardwood floors, which also happen to be costly investments that need regular cleaning maintenance and expert handling. The hard floor cleaning is performed by specially trained professional cleaners who have been trained in the safe and efficient use of different cleaning equipment and techniques, in order to give you the best possible results without exposing your valuable flooring to chemical or mechanical damage. Our cleaners have the skills and expertise to clean demanding flooring solutions like different types of slate and stone flooring, which require specific cleaning techniques in order to avoid damage or clouding of the polished top surface.

There are also other tiled floors which need specific cleaning on a regular basis, our cleaning technicians will clean ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile floors to a perfect finish without risk of damage or margin for error. Marble and terrazzo floorings are very demanding and pose a special cleaning challenge. It is highly recommended to use our professional hard floor cleaning service because applying random cleaning solvents and strong cleaning acids or bases can cloud the mirror polish of the top layer and ruin the floor.

Don’t take any chances, but les us handle the cleaning for you in the most efficient, affordable and risk free way. The hard floor cleaning service is performed using professional grade equipment which allows for shorter service times and less material and resource waste. The floor service is available throughout the whole week.