Gardening Services

Showing good care for your home also means caring and maintaining your garden properly, as a well-kept home is only complemented by a manicured lawn and a healthy, fresh looking garden. Gardening though is a laborious and time consuming process which requires ongoing commitment and a certain level of practical skills and knowledge. If you are still new to gardening, or simply don’t have the time to invest in regular garden maintenance, we can offer you our professional gardening service as the affordable, efficient alternative you have been looking for.

Gardening ServicesThe gardening service we can offer you is highly comprehensive and covers a wide range of general garden maintenance and specific gardening tasks, as well as seasonal garden maintenance. The gardening service is carried out by specially trained professional gardeners with plenty of experience and technical knowledge. They will be able to handle all sorts of different gardening and maintenance tasks without risk of damage or personal injury. Our gardening technicians are well trained and highly skilled in the safe and efficient use and application of both manual operated and power garden tools in order to give you the best possible results with minimum costs and within the shortest time possible.

Our gardening covers general garden maintenance tasks like weeding, pruning and trimming of bushes, flowering plants, small trees etc. We can also assist you with basic lawn care and maintenance, and perform lawn mowing, trimming of edges, planting, basic repair and more, but without the usual high costs associated with professional lawn maintenance. If you have trees growing on your property, then you should conduct regular tree checks and ensure the trees are growing healthy and strong.

A diseased or rotting tree can be a serious health hazard for property occupants. Don’t leave anything to chance and let our tree surgeons check your trees for any potential dangers. We can also organise for small scale landscaping jobs, but please discuss those at the time of making your service request. The gardening service is available as standalone booking or in combination with another service for extra value for money.