Floor Cleaning Services

Flooring surfaces commonly found in commercial and residential properties are usually subjected to heavy duty daily use and require proper, continuous cleaning attention in order to keep them looking good and clean for as long as possible. Some flooring options fitted in homes and businesses are also quite costly investments and caring for them properly usually means using professional cleaning services. Our top level floor cleaning service is guaranteed to provide you with exceptional cleaning results on even the most neglected of flooring surfaces without any excess costs or hassles.

There are many different flooring solutions, according to the purpose and use of the premises in question. Each flooring surface has its own cleaning specifics, therefore requires a different cleaning approach every time. Our specially qualified, professional floor cleaning technicians are trained to recognise and determine the type of flooring surface and to assess the type of staining or soiling sustained by the floor.

Floor Cleaning ServicesThis is done in order to administer the most appropriate and effective cleaning method as we want to give you the best possible results without costing you a small fortune. Our cleaning crews are well trained and sufficiently equipped to handle any type of floor cleaning, including professional steam and dry cleaning of both natural and synthetic fibre carpets. The cleaners will do just as good on other flooring surfaces found in commercial and residential properties like linoleum, vinyl, vinyl tile flooring, rubber and the different kinds of cork flooring. Indeed some of these flooring solutions are very durable and long lasting but everyday use and abuse will have to be treated with a session of professional floor cleaning.

We have the expertise and cleaning equipment to clean any type of floor without risk of damage or sub quality results. Special chemical flooring surfaces like urethane, latex, polyester and epoxy, will be no problem for our cleaning crews as they have the skill and equipment to yield excellent results at the right price. The equipment we use is professional grade and allows for less resource and material waste. The service is available seven days a week.