End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Having to organise your relocation, looking for another rental property and dealing with all the issues concerning the rental you are vacating is complex and hectic enough as it is, and the last thing you need is more landlord trouble on your way out. As we want to save you the usual end of tenancy issues, we would like to offer you our professional grade end of tenancy cleaning service as the single, most efficient and affordable solution to all your rental property cleaning requirements.

Most tenants about to vacate a rental property will be required to organise or perform a professional end of tenancy cleaning session in order to receive their rental deposit back from the landlord or the letting agency. Provided there is no other damage sustained by the rental, the quality and results of the end of tenancy cleaning are the make or break point of the whole process.

End of Tenancy Cleaning LondonWe understand and appreciate how important this is for our rental customers so we have made sure that our cleaning service is up to scratch and yields the required results without any extra costs or additional fuss for our customers. The end of tenancy cleaning is a highly comprehensive service which covers the entire property from top to bottom and focuses cleaning efforts on heavy duty rooms and areas of the house such as the kitchen or the toilet and the bathroom, which will be under lots of scrutiny during the final inspection.

The work will be carried out by our specially trained teams of highly qualified, professional cleaning technicians who will be able to handle the whole job quickly and efficiently, just as required. There will be no risk of damage or margin for error, if necessary our cleaners will work their way through a specially compiled cleaning checklist, usually one such list is provided by the landlord. If no list is available the cleaning crews will use their own system and order of , as they have plenty of experience with end of tenancy cleaning jobs and know what’s expected of a good clean up.