Driveway Cleaning Services

The driveway is considered to be a major property feature and happens to be one of the first things a person sees when they go past or visit your place. Indeed, the driveway is an essential part of the property as it provides for functionality and style, but it only takes a few seasons of heavy duty use to reduce the driveway to a stained, unsightly feature out the front of your house. So how come the driveway gets so worn and dirty? The driveway takes a daily beating from the vehicles that drive over it and park on it.

Driveway Cleaning ServicesThis is not mechanical damage but chemical damage from fuel, oil and coolant stains leaking and dripping from the undercarriage of vehicles which use the driveway. Exposure to the elements is also a big issue for driveways, as ice, water, rain and show melting agents can leave the driveway stained and discoloured. Another big problem with many driveways is mould, moisture and humidity will facilitate the growth of mould, which will change colour and appearance of the driveway. If you have tried to remove mould from your driveway manually then you would know how laborious and inefficient this is.

More so cleaning mould by hand, will uncover patches of discolouration and further mess up the appearance of the driveway, same applies to chewing gum which is a nuisance to remove from the driveway and leaves black staining that is almost impossible to remove. Instead of scrubbing the driveway with a brush and a bucket for three days why not use our professional driveway cleaning service and we will have your driveway looking like new in a matter of hours.

We use professional grade pressure washing equipment, known as jet wash to blast off and remove all staining, dirt and residue from the driveway, quickly, efficiently and without risk of damage. The jet wash equipment uses water pressure and temperature to physically remove dirt and staining from the driveway surface. The pressure systems and the techniques we apply are suitable for all types of driveways, including composite material ones.