Deep Cleaning Services

There are instances when your home requires thorough, detailed cleaning that gives you immaculate hygiene across the entire house. For such occasions, we can offer you our fully comprehensive deep cleaning service and ensure your home is cleaned to a perfect finish without any excess cost or hassle. The deep cleaning service is a complete property treatment which covers the entire house from top to bottom.

Deep Cleaning ServicesThe deep cleaning is usually requested after long periods of property disuse or cleaning neglect, the service is also suitable for any other occasion where detailed house cleaning and exceptional results are required. As mentioned the deep cleaning service is highly comprehensive and covers all rooms and areas of the house. Special cleaning attention will be paid to heavy duty rooms like the kitchen which sees a lot of daily use and needs to be kept clean at all times. The deep cleaning will cover all cabinets, storage compartments, all surfaces like bench tops and food preparation areas, as well as all kitchen appliances and flooring.

All kitchen appliances and surfaces will be perfectly sanitised and ready to use immediately after the cleaning session as we don’t use any toxic cleaning materials or substances. The toilet and the bathroom are also quite specific and challenging when it comes to keeping them clean and sanitised so naturally, our cleaners will focus their efforts on cleaning, descaling and polishing all tilework, faucets and fixtures, as well as other features like sink basins, bath tubs, showers etc. All surfaces including the floor will be disinfected and cleaned to a perfect finish.

The deep is also a customisable service which can be made to serve specific purposes or cover specific customer requirements so if you have something that you wish to include as part of your deep cleaning service, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. As expected the deep cleaning service is carried out by specially trained cleaners who know how to go about their work with professional pace and efficiency. All work is done using ecofriendly cleaning products.