Curtain Cleaning Services

Most curtains are made of delicate and demanding fabrics and materials which don’t handle conventional washing and cleaning too well. The better and more effective way to clean your curtains is to use our professional curtain cleaning service and be sure of exceptional results and no margin for error or risk of damage. Anyone who has attempted to clean or wash their curtains using conventional cleaning methods knows that the most likely outcome is poor quality results, and possible damage such as fading, discolouration, permanent creasing, shrinkage or even tearing.

Curtain Cleaning ServicesThis is not the right way to care for your delicate curtain fabrics and materials so don’t take any chances and let us handle the cleaning for you in the most efficient and risk free manner. Although our cleaning crews are properly trained and use the best work practices available right now, we would like to inform customers that sunlight damage on curtains is irreversible and will not be part of the cleaning process. Curtains are made of different fabrics and materials, some of them very sensitive and demanding in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

This means each curtain presents a unique set of specific cleaning requirements, and in order to yield the best results every time, our cleaning crews have been specially trained to determine the type of fabric or material, to assess the level of staining or soiling sustained and in turn to administer the most sparing and effective way to clean the curtain without risk of damage or sub quality results. Usually, the cleaners will choose between dry curtain cleaning or steam curtain cleaning.

The steam cleaning process is applied to stronger fabrics, it begins by the application of a spray solvent which is heated to a pre-set temperature and is then injected throughout the fabric to remove stains, oil and dirt. The solvent and the dirt are then vacuumed, by using steam vacuum cleaners. Dry curtain cleaning, also known as restorative cleaning is applied to really sensitive fabrics, it causes no damage and uses very little water. Dry cleaning involves the application of special solvents.