Commercial Cleaning Services

Our business customers can take full advantage of our top quality, professional grade commercial cleaning service and make sure their place of business is always neat, clean and fresh. We understand that for many business establishments a clean, perfectly sanitised working environment is more than just a necessity but a law imposed requirement, this is why we would like to ensure customers that they will receive the most punctual and attentive commercial cleaning service available right now. The commercial cleaning is performed by specially trained, professional cleaners who have sufficient and relevant prior experience.

Commercial Cleaning ServicesThe cleaning crews are properly trained and highly skilled, they know which areas and rooms of the premises require more cleaning attention and will concentrate their efforts right where it counts the most. Should you have any special cleaning requirements or additional areas to be included in the clean-up, let us know and we will include those as part of your service. In the case of commercial kitchens, where perfect hygiene and bacteria free working environment are vital, customers can rely on us for outstanding results.

The commercial kitchen cleaning will include all appliances such as deep fryers, fridges, stoves and kitchen fixtures, food preparation areas and bench tops will also be included, the same applies for flooring and any additional surfaces across the kitchen. The cleaners will also pay special attention to toilets and bathrooms found on the premises as those have to be disinfected and cleaned to a perfect finish at all times, your customers and staff will appreciate it.

We understand that running a business is all about meeting deadlines and keeping promises, this is why we will send you a team of properly equipped cleaners that will handle the cleaning in the most efficient and professional manner and be out of your way before you know it. If you are happy with the level of results and service costs, we can organise for regular of fixed schedule commercial cleaning and ensure your establishment is always ready for business. The service is available throughout the whole week, with good short notice availability.