Babysitting Services

Most parents these days live a very busy and dynamic lifestyle which means that work and social commitments are almost always getting in the way of spending time with the kids. Some parents have the option of leaving the kids with their grandparents or another relative or close friend for the time being, but this isn’t always possible. When your agenda is getting the better part of your day, then perhaps it’s time to think about a professional babysitting service and receive much needed help with looking after the kids.

Babysitting ServicesOur professional babysitting service is the cost effective solution you have been looking for. We understand that looking after children is one of the most involving and high responsibility tasks imaginable, this is why we want to give parents extra peace of mind and provide them with attentive, reliable and discreet babysitting service, without any excess costs. We also understand that caring for children cannot be left to just anyone out there, this is why we have handpicked the most professional, trustworthy and reliable babysitters in order to provide you with the proper service you need.

Babysitting doesn’t take a lot of muscle, but it is a high pressure job which requires a strong psyche and a clear mind at all times. In order to give our customers that well deserved peace of mind our handpicked babysitters are all over twenty five years of age and have undergone additional psychological and stress liability testing as to make sure your kids are safe and cared for properly.

Each of our babysitters has been vetted and has passed all the required police and security background checks, if necessary our babysitters will present a valid company ID upon arrival to your property. If you are after regular or fixed schedule babysitting, we will send you the same babysitter every time, if you are happy with them of course. We can also provide for foreign language speaking babysitters, but we would need a sufficient prior notice to be able to organise it. We have good short notice availability and week round coverage.