After Party Cleaning Services

A good party usually leaves the house looking worse for wear, and in need of some serious cleaning. If the last thing you want to deal with after a big night is the party aftermath, we can offer you our after party cleaning service as the efficient, cost effective alternative and save you the long, tedious hours of cleaning and collecting rubbish and leftovers from all over the place. The service is also available as pre party cleaning which is great when you want to prep the house for a big occasion on a short notice and leave your guests really impressed.

After Party Cleaning ServicesCustomers have the option of organising both pre and after party cleaning through us, which means the house will be in tiptop condition before and after the big event. Our party cleaning service is highly comprehensive and covers the whole house from top to bottom. If there are any specific rooms or areas which customers want us to focus our efforts on, let us know and we will make sure those are perfectly cleaned and sanitised. As always, our cleaning crews will pay special cleaning attention to heavily used rooms and areas like the kitchen and the toilet and bathroom which see a lot of use, and misuse, during a party.

We guarantee to have those perfectly disinfected and polished to a mirror finish. Our teams will begin the after party cleaning by collecting and disposing of all the rubbish and leftovers from inside the house, as cigarette buds, bottles, empty cans, plastic cups, plates and all sorts of other mess can be found all over the place after a good party.

The cleaners will also collect, wash and put away all cutlery and utensils as well as china, if such was used during the party. Flooring surfaces across the house will be vacuumed, moped and polished to a perfect finish. Extra attention will be paid to living rooms and lounge areas as our cleaners will make sure that everything is neat, clean and fresh. The service is available seven days a week, advanced bookings are welcome.